keeping it real cherry pie filling

Getting cherries ready to use in a recipe requires using a piece of equipment that makes you wonder who was the first person to make it? It’s a handy tool for sure. The cherry pitter. This device slides the pit right out of the middle of the cherry with ease. You can use this kitchen … Continue reading

a little pie for dessert

Still riding the cherry wave.  Turns out I forgot about the mini cherry pies the guys like. This idea came about when I was making a pie crust one day. My older guy said he was only in the mood for “a little pie.” So, I surprised him at dinner with a little pie. Literally. … Continue reading

june is busting out all over

There’s your musical theater reference to kick off the month. Do you know what show has that song in the score? (Rogers and Hammerstein’s “Carousel” in case you’re wondering.) Last Saturday we were bundled in the stands watching big brother’s track meet. Today, one week later, it was 93 degrees in the shade of the stands. The month of June … Continue reading