baseball, hot dogs and blogs

Nothing says summer like hot dogs on the grill. Summer vacation has officially begun. The guys were in the pool all day. Flip flops are left around. Summertime. The living isn’t exactly easy. But, it has slowed down a bit. As a nod to the woman, who held the writing workshop, that got this blog started, … Continue reading

grilled gazpacho

Grilled vegetables and a nice glass of wine. A perfect summer menu for outdoor dining. If you can arrange an evening breeze, and no mosquitoes, you have a thoroughly enjoyable dining experience. For our grilled vegetable gazpacho, we like to use tomatoes as the base. Next, we use a combination of yellow and green zucchini, sweet … Continue reading

perfectly pleasing panzanella

Panzanella is a simple bread and tomato salad using stale bread. It’s a great addition to a summer menu, as it can sit at room temperature, at a barbecue or backyard party. The idea is to use tomatoes, onions, and really, any other ingredients you like, to make a salad where the stale bread soaks … Continue reading

mystery meat

Google the word “tripe.” One of the first definitions to come up in a search gives you this explanation: The rubbery lining of the stomach of cattle or other ruminants, used as food. “Used as food?” Does that mean it isn’t actually food? There are no pictures of tripe to accompany this post today. There … Continue reading

exit music please…and a bowl of pasta

“Mom, since it’s my graduation, and the last day of school, can I choose what we have for dinner?” Sure. Yesterday, was pajama day for the little guy and graduation for the fifth graders. Yet, they went to school one last morning to complete the days for the school calendar. Report cards were handed out too. … Continue reading

graduation meditation

We knew this time was coming. Yet, it doesn’t seem real. My “2002 baby” graduated from elementary school this morning. We went to a local restaurant to celebrate and that carried over to a friend’s house. It’s times like these that remind us it doesn’t have to be a lavish spread to celebrate a milestone … Continue reading

spice is nice, but that is not

There’s a rule in our house. When trying new foods, if the guys don’t like something (and thankfully, that’s not often) they have to give a reason for not finding pleasure in the food. They’ve offered up everything from “It’s too spicy!” to “I can hear the crunching in my head!” These are not comments … Continue reading

Archie and the gang

We were on the checkout line, in a supermarket several years ago, in a different neighborhood. When the guys were little, and they had to be dragged to do food shopping in the summer months, we would head to this supermarket. The reason they didn’t complain about going there? It wasn’t our neighborhood market. We didn’t know anyone … Continue reading

a better bolognese

The guys know when it’s time to make a batch of Bolognese. This Bolognese doesn’t include milk as in some recipes. Roasting some of the ingredients gives a deeper flavor to the sauce. A Dutch oven is a perfect pot for this sauce as it takes layers of flavor to build. This pot can hold up … Continue reading

master the macerated berries

The berry season is in full swing. The guys like their berries many ways. A dollop of fresh, whipped cream here. A splash of  just-squeezed orange juice there. We scored some chocolate mint for the season. For some weird reason, the last two growing seasons, the chocolate mint in the garden came back, but without the … Continue reading