4th of July Juicy Burgers and a Red, White and Blue Dessert

Here come the flags and fireworks! The 4th of July, with orchestras playing and splashes of explosive fireworks, is arriving this week. We like to do the traditional route of burgers and hot dogs on the grill. This year the menu will include a lemon cole slaw and a potato salad with shallots, vinegar and herbs. We’ll … Continue reading

How Would You Like Your Eggs on Sunday Morning?

Sunday mornings with a newspaper and a cup of tea. Doesn’t get any better. Now that the warm weather is here that means breakfast outside on the patio. As lovely as the morning breeze is, it can make reading the newspaper tricky. The reason we love to use eggs in our kitchen is because they are … Continue reading

Hot Off the Grill Pizza

Pizza on the grill. It’s a summer tradition for us. Slightly charred pizza dough and sweet tomato sauce with cheese melted on top. We do different kinds of pizza. For those with maybe more grown-up taste we do a pizza with a blend of parmesan and fontina with caramelized onions and tiny thyme leaves. That … Continue reading

5 Ideas for Vinaigrettes

One of the great pleasures of the summer season is dining outside. The meal is relaxing and who cares if anything drops on the floor. Well really, that’s for the dog to take care of inside and outside. Don’t feed him from the table, but anything that drops to the floor, or flies from your … Continue reading

School’s Out for Summer

Not much to share today since a second-grader and a sixth-grader have closed out their careers. The end of June is a whirlwind of activity, and wrapping things up and finishing projects. To celebrate, we are heading out to a favorite restaurant to have dinner. We’ll pick up the discussion tomorrow where we left off about salads … Continue reading

Dressing Up Your Salad

Yesterday we talked about salad dressings and how much hidden sugar there is in those bottles lining the shelves of the market. With a few simple steps you can be mixing up your own vinaigrette to toss your salad greens in your bowl. Follow the easy steps to make a basic vinaigrette to keep your … Continue reading

Easy-to-Make Vinaigrettes

There are some decent salad dressings available in stores. Look at the labels and read the list of ingredients carefully. There is so much added sugar. According to many nutritionists making salads is one area where someone can be unknowingly sabotaging their healthy eating habits. If you’re having a salad that means you are eating healthy. … Continue reading

Meatless Monday Pasta Dinner with a Tomato Pesto

Here’s a Meatless Monday dinner idea we use and it’s a hit with the guys. We came across this recipe in an issue of America’s Test Kitchen’s Cook’s Country or Cooks Illustrated. There are so many cooking magazines that land in the mailbox. This is an Italian recipe that is a riff on pesto replacing the … Continue reading

compound butters add layers of flavor

Compound butters are a delicious addition to your menu ideas all year long. The butter flecked with bits of cinnamon and flakes of brown sugar that make your waffles taste even better on a cold winter morning can also be the dab of delicious for your summer corn laced with the kick of ancho chile powder, … Continue reading


The reality of seasonal ingredients is that when the time comes for your favorite fruit or vegetable to say good-bye they are gone until the next growing season. Some items have shorter windows than others. This is where your freezer can help extend your enjoyment. It’s a common misconception that frozen foods are inferior to … Continue reading