Hot Off the Grill Pizza

Pizza on the grill. It’s a summer tradition for us. Slightly charred pizza dough and sweet tomato sauce with cheese melted on top.

We do different kinds of pizza. For those with maybe more grown-up taste we do a pizza with a blend of parmesan and fontina with caramelized onions and tiny thyme leaves.

That pizza, with a light salad, and glass of wine on the patio is a summer meal that satisfies.

Kids always want their tomato sauce and melted mozzarella with torn basil leaves scattered across the surface. Sometimes you just have to stick with the basics. Fair enough.

The important step in working with pizza dough is to have a floured surface to work on and a bit of olive oil to coat the dough to help stretch it out.

A well-oiled dough will stretch better and it will help prevent the dough from sticking to the grates of the grill. Create whatever shape you want. Round or oblong. You want to make sure the dough has a consistent thickness so that it cooks evenly.

When you pre-heat your grill you want to create a hot zone and a cool zone like we talked about some posts back. Stretch the dough and place it on the side with the direct flame.

As little bubbles of the dough appear, pinch them with your tongs. This maintains an even surface for what will be the bottom of the pizza when you flip it.

After flipping the dough, spread tomato sauce almost to the edge of the pizza and sprinkle with cheese. Move to the cool zone and cover with the lid of the grill.

The cool zone is important when working with pizza. The dough will cook rather quickly. Then, you want to trap the heat with the lid closed after moving the pizza to the part of the grill where there is no direct flame.

This will continue to melt the cheese on top of the pizza without burning the crust underneath.

To remove pizza from the grill place your cutting board at the edge of the grill grates and use your tongs to slide the pizza off the grill and onto the board. Slice into pieces and enjoy!

We keep pots of basil right next to the grill. This has two benefits. The basil is within reach when the pizza is done and we are ready to let some basil leaves melt into with the warm cheese.

From the perspective of the plant, the basil is very happy to sit next to the grill as it is an herb that particularly likes the warmth that radiates from the grill.

There are two more days of the blogathon for 2014! Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow.

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