How Would You Like Your Eggs on Sunday Morning?

Sunday mornings with a newspaper and a cup of tea. Doesn’t get any better.

Now that the warm weather is here that means breakfast outside on the patio. As lovely as the morning breeze is, it can make reading the newspaper tricky.

The reason we love to use eggs in our kitchen is because they are the kind of food that can show up at breakfast, lunch or dinner in a variety of ways.

We can use them as hard-boiled eggs where we place them in a pot of cold water and slowly bring to a boil. Once the water is at a rapid roll of a boil the pot gets covered and removed from the heat.

After a stay of ten minutes the eggs come out of the water and are rinsed under cold water. When the top of the egg is cracked it breaks the seal between the egg and the shell.

The inside yolk can be scooped out and mixed with mayonnaise and a bit of Dijon mustard. They can get a dusting of paprika. The eggs always get a snip of chives from the garden.

The guys like fluffy scrambled eggs for breakfast. They will have bacon or Canadian bacon with the eggs as a weekend breakfast.

How do you get the fluffiest eggs possible that are light and flavorful? Keep it simple.

You want to start with good quality eggs from the market. How do you know if an egg is no longer good for cooking? Place the egg in a bowl of water with some salt. If it floats it’s edible — if it sinks — don’t use it.

Start with cracking your eggs on the surface of the counter. This is better than doing it on the rim of a bowl where some of the shell can recede into the egg. Add a splash of whole milk and a good pour of cream with salt and pepper.

Pull out your immersion blender and mix the eggs, milk and cream. This whips air into the eggs for fluffy scrambled eggs. Season with salt and pepper.

Melt a pat of unsalted butter in a pan. Working from the outside of the pan drag the eggs to the middle of the pan allowing the rest of the eggs to fill in the gaps.

Keep the eggs moving. When the eggs look like they are almost cooked through pull the pan from the heat. The heat from the pan will continue to finish cooking the eggs as you prepare to serve.

When the mood strikes, we’ll poach some eggs and make a Hollandaise sauce for Eggs Benedict. Perfectly poached eggs and Canadian bacon sitting on toasted English muffins with the silky sauce and chives.

Sometimes we make a batch of punch that everyone can enjoy with orange juice, cranberry juice, lemonade, ginger ale and mint.

Tomorrow is the last day of the blogathon!

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