Flip for Eggs and Storage Idea

What is it about an omelet or Eggs Benedict that says weekend? You wouldn’t take the time to make these dishes for yourself during the week because it’s not practical with the amount of time available in the morning. If you make an omelet or Eggs Benedict for yourself on the weekend you are relaxed, and have the time, or … Continue reading

How the Summer Herb Garden Helps Holiday Meals

Where do the weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas go? Hopefully you have gotten the decorations out, thought about holidays gone by and have the chance to continue to meet with friends and family. We dug up some herbs from the garden so that we can cook with them all winter long. Most herbs are sturdy enough to make the … Continue reading

How Would You Like Your Eggs on Sunday Morning?

Sunday mornings with a newspaper and a cup of tea. Doesn’t get any better. Now that the warm weather is here that means breakfast outside on the patio. As lovely as the morning breeze is, it can make reading the newspaper tricky. The reason we love to use eggs in our kitchen is because they are … Continue reading

easter eggs benedict

Last year’s Easter brunch seems to have created a new tradition for us. The Monday morning after Easter Sunday means hosting a dinner and getting kids up for school the next morning. That’s why we decided on a brunch last Easter. Even though the overlap of Passover and Easter this school year meant we were off  … Continue reading

yes, we like green eggs and ham

The view outside our window hasn’t changed much this winter. It’s headed our way again – more snow! You know you’ve had a long winter of storms when two kids overhear the news on the radio and groan. The indoor growing season, in the house, is what we focus on until we can garden outside again. We tend … Continue reading

a devil of an egg

Some friends were talking about the deviled eggs they ate at a party. They didn’t care for them. The reason? There were pickles mixed in with the yolks. A deviled egg with pickles, is not the deviled egg they knew, and they weren’t interested in a new version. The deviled egg starts with a hard-boiled … Continue reading

completely clafouti

I remember the first time I heard about clafouti. It was in a bistro. A woman at the next table had something that looked like a souffle. I asked the waiter what it was. His reply? He glanced over his shoulder and quickly answered, “Oh that? You’ll love it.” No more information. It was a cherry … Continue reading