christmas in new york made of twigs and pomegranate seeds

Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus. Do you know the story of the eight-year-old girl whose belief in Santa Claus begins to waver one Christmas in New York City? She writes to the editor of a New York newspaper. The little girl’s father is a faithful reader and believes any story in the paper to be true. The editor of The … Continue reading

cue the reindeer and christmas morning breakfast

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” That’s a little bit of pressure. We’ve had unusually warm record-setting temperatures the past few days. It made some holiday shopping a bit more pleasant. But, a blast of cold, artic air seems to be the right touch to roll in for Christmas Eve and Day. The guys talk … Continue reading

oh lemon tree, oh lemon tree

Never underestimate your children or your plants. Just when you think you have one all figured out — you’re delivered a surprise. The Meyer lemon tree spent the summer outside in the backyard. The blossoms have a bold, lemony scent that are one of summer’s pleasures to enjoy when sitting on the patio. A sunny yellow … Continue reading