cue the reindeer and christmas morning breakfast

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” That’s a little bit of pressure. We’ve had unusually warm record-setting temperatures the past few days. It made some holiday shopping a bit more pleasant. But, a blast of cold, artic air seems to be the right touch to roll in for Christmas Eve and Day.

The guys talk about traditions a lot. They sometimes throw a detour into a plan when they pick something simple to point out. Like the fact that apparently we’ve always put seven cookies on a plate for Santa. We do?

You expect it has made an impression that we leave cookies on the coffee table for Santa. Yet, they gave me a specific amount of cookies to put on the plate last Christmas Eve, as we assembled Santa’s treat, that would be waiting for him in our home.  They’ve counted and made note of a cookie amount. Really? Who knew.

The traditions are what make them feel grounded and secure as they grow up. These traditions have changed over time, and will continue to do so, as they grow and new experiences come along. The fact that they’ve noticed the small details tells how they feel the passing of time and what is important to them.

The guys have  requested green beans with toasted almonds for Christmas dinner because that’s what they’ve enjoyed the last several years. They better not have an exact number of beans to prepare and serve. Santa’s cookies are one thing – beans are not being counted.

Want some last-minute holiday ideas? Maybe you can start some new traditions of your own. Make some homemade chocolate truffles.

This recipe of mine over at Parade is super-easy and it might be the perfect little dessert  for the holiday dinner table this year. Try it.

Be sure and also check out my ideas for a make-ahead breakfast strata, or bread casserole, so everyone can stay in their pajamas and enjoy Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas to all!

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