oh lemon tree, oh lemon tree

Never underestimate your children or your plants. Just when you think you have one all figured out — you’re delivered a surprise. The Meyer lemon tree spent the summer outside in the backyard.

The blossoms have a bold, lemony scent that are one of summer’s pleasures to enjoy when sitting on the patio. A sunny yellow lemon, twisted off a branch, sliced, and tucked in a cold glass of anything, is so cooling on a hot afternoon.

Toward the end of the season, the offering of lemons from the tree started to slow down. The tree went back and forth, from the dining room to the patio, in the preparation of going back indoors for the fall and winter season.

Once it was established, the lemon tree had a permanent spot in a sunny window. Sometimes plants can go into shock when moved to a different growing environment. This lemon tree was not happy.

The leaves started to curl and wither. One by one, every leaf on the tree crumpled and turned brown. A Charlie Brown lemon tree just in time for Christmas.

And then it happened. A tiny bit of green appeared among all the dried leaves. It slowly emerged as a glossy green leaf and was followed by others. The little lemon tree, that was fighting back, soon produced some tiny white buds.

In the next few days, they grew and opened into blossoms. There’s nothing more rewarding than watching a plant, that looked like it was on its way out, come back to life.

Gardens and children change from year to year and they constantly keep us guessing. We nurture them as they grow, and we’re rewarded for all our hard work, with unexpected surprises along the way.

We’ll head to the Christmas tree farm this weekend, with a saw, and the fresh tree will  arrive home after a ride on the roof of the car.

The boxes of decorations will be opened, and the trip down memory lane will begin, as we look at the decorations we’ve accumulated through the years. The handmade ornaments made by little hands in school and the star that will sit at the top of the tree.

The Meyer lemon tree might be giving us lemons by the end of February. So it had a temper tantrum when it was forced to go inside the house. Sound familiar?

Here come the holidays. Head over to Parade Food for ideas for holiday entertaining.


One thought on “oh lemon tree, oh lemon tree

  1. I have a young key lime tree, and I harvested my first key limes this fall. So exciting. But the leaves are falling off – like yours. Thanks for the ray of hope that all will be well with my citrus tree. 🙂

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