Making Muffins with a Tip from Allrecipes

Are you in the mood for a batch of fresh-baked muffins? Maybe you are a fan of blueberry muffins but are always disappointed by the berries that sink to the bottom of each one. You want that burst of berry goodness in every bite from top to bottom.

There is one ingredient that can help keep the blueberries suspended in the batter as they bake up with perfectly browned domes sitting in each well of the muffin tin.

This ingredient can be picked up at the market and added to your next batch of blueberry muffins. You will see the difference on the inside and it will add a hint of flavor to the mix.

Warm blueberry muffins with a cup of tea makes for a quiet afternoon snack. The kids will want an extra one with a cold glass of milk.

Check out my tip from Allrecipes and get baking!

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