Teal is the New Orange Pumpkin for Halloween

Halloween is not a fun day for kids with food allergies. They have to either not take part in class parties and door-to-door fun with trick-or-treating in the  neighborhood or maybe sit out on all the fun as a way of avoiding any potential problems. Another option is for kids to head out with everyone else … Continue reading

A Tip for Summer Tomatoes

Summer tomatoes. This is the time of year to enjoy them. Ripe, juicy tomatoes from the farmer’s market or plucked from the vine in the garden is a seasonal pleasure. Look for different varieties that are available. Some tomatoes can have a darker hue leaning toward more of a brown color. One ingredient can help make your … Continue reading

July is Flying By

It’s the end of July and summer is slowly slipping by. The Shasta daisies have stood tall and are now getting ready to give way to the August showing of flowers. Grilling time is turning out the burgers and hot dogs that are a symbol of the summer dining experience. There is nothing like the air … Continue reading

It’s Time for Summer Flavor

The backpacks brought home what was left in the desks at school. Crumpled papers, books with ragged covers and markers that haven’t seen their tops in some time. The basil we grew on the counter in the kitchen is now living happily outside. Basil thrives in summer heat and is an ingredient that pairs well with … Continue reading

Every Blooming Thing!

April has certainly played with us as far as feeling like spring has arrived. We had some warm sunshine mid-month and even had a day that flirted with 80 degrees. But this week, which ironically was spring break for public school kids, had us digging out warm jackets again and long-sleeve thermal shirts to wear under … Continue reading

4 Ways to Eat Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Corned beef and cabbage not your meal of choice for St. Patrick’s Day? That’s fine. You can get your green into gear with some dishes that use spinach and herbs from my post over at Parade. There are recipe ideas that are easy, healthy, and green. Spring is just about here and any one of … Continue reading

A Dish for Leap Day Dinner

Hats off to all the leap-year babies. You celebrate a birthday every year but only see it on the calendar every four years so make it a good one. After some serious shoveling this season there better not be another reason to see that shovel come out again! The indoor flowers are looking good. The … Continue reading