boo! scare up some pumpkin seeds

Halloween is right around the corner, but the partying has already started. We had the annual Boo Bash at school. Costumes, cupcakes, candy and chaos. My younger guy was all fired up for it. We made cupcakes with sprinkles and he got in character to be a vampire. It served as another reminder that my older … Continue reading

columbus day risotto

We had a little fun with dinner the other night after a day of sunshine and puffy clouds outside. We noticed the sedum is starting to go to seed which means the end of the season is on its way. There are still little surprises to be found though. Like the rose bush that burst forth with two … Continue reading

from the pumpkin patch to the soup bowl

The leaves are turning golden and dropping to the ground. Pumpkins and mums line the front steps of homes in our neighborhood. We picked up some pumpkins and flowers this weekend along with a bale of hay that sits by the front door to usher in the fall season. Some of the mums you buy at stands in … Continue reading

a bit of heat and picky eaters

We turned the calendar to October and pulled some shorts back out for another round of warm weather. Nature’s little game of keeping us guessing.  That includes the weather and what is growing in the garden. It’s a reminder to always look around at what grows all around you. We made a discovery this weekend. The … Continue reading