a bit of heat and picky eaters

We turned the calendar to October and pulled some shorts back out for another round of warm weather. Nature’s little game of keeping us guessing.  That includes the weather and what is growing in the garden. It’s a reminder to always look around at what grows all around you. We made a discovery this weekend. The huge purple butterfly bush re-seeded in a pot with the blueberry shrub.

How did the lemon get such a bad rap? As in “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Or a lemon law to protect us from car clunkers. We’re plucking some lemons from the Meyer lemon tree this afternoon and making lemonade because the bright yellow fruit is ripe and it’s heading up to 85 degrees later.


The guys love homemade lemonade. This week’s topic over at Parade is about picky eaters. If you have a child who fits that description head over to Parade Food and see what Food Network personality Melissa d’ Arabian is doing with her family in a new web series for Food Network called The Picky Eaters Project.

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