How the Summer Herb Garden Helps Holiday Meals

Where do the weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas go? Hopefully you have gotten the decorations out, thought about holidays gone by and have the chance to continue to meet with friends and family.

We dug up some herbs from the garden so that we can cook with them all winter long. Most herbs are sturdy enough to make the transition. You have to slowly introduce them to being indoors by bring them in at night when the weather starts to cool and gradually extending their time indoors.

We brought in a huge swath of thyme that was growing rapidly in the garden and that is all the better for the sauces and roasts in the kitchen. The same goes for the rosemary. Two medium pots came in and sit by a window in the kitchen. Snip some sprigs and place on top of a thick slab of meat as it bakes in the oven and it infuses the cut with deep flavor.

We will have a holiday ham for dinner tomorrow. It has a thick mixture of honey and brown sugar that coats the outside layer. If you like mustard with your ham but find the tanginess to be a bit overwhelming cut the mustard with a half Dijon mustard and half light cream combination. Add a little kosher salt and a healthy serving of chopped fresh chives.

Make sure Christmas morning breakfast and present opening is as stress-free as can be. Stay in your pajamas, have a cup of tea or coffee, and enjoy a breakfast that practically makes itself as you tear open wrapping paper and share some laughs.

Take a look at my post over at Parade to make Christmas morning as easy as you can by putting your oven to work for you. With a few easy steps the oven can do the work and allow everyone to relax before the day begins in full swing.

Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth.



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