Tips to Pour the Gravy and Pass the Stuffing and Potatoes

What a day-before-Thanksgiving travel day it is today. The constant rain is set to become the first snow of the season.

The nice thing about Thanksgiving is that it is all about jumping off the merry-go-round of our busy schedules and spending time with family and friends.

A spread of food is the anchor for enjoying a relaxing meal.

Are you hosting the holiday? Thanksgiving has  turkey hotlines where there are people who will answer your cooking questions for the turkey who is the star of the show.

The side dishes are where holiday menus reflect the family tastes. Nuts in the stuffing? Sweet potatoes or mashed? Everyone knows what they like when it comes to holiday meals..

Many of the herbs in the garden like thyme and sage are still around before the first hard frost. These herbs are terrific in Thanksgiving foods like gravy and stuffing.

Check out my posts over at Parade’s new Community Table food section.

Get ideas for homemade gravy, stuffing the way everyone likes it, and how to make super-creamy mashed potatoes. First up is the easy-to-make homemade gravy that will be in your gravy boat with a few steps.

Can’t get everyone to agree on a stuffing recipe? Take a look at my post for tips on how to stage a make-your-own stuffing for the holiday table.

You can also see my post for how we accidentally discovered how to make the creamiest mashed potatoes. Sometimes you stumble across ideas without planning for them!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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