What to Do with All That Halloween Candy!

Our trick-or-treaters did their candy route in record time and pulled in quite a haul. You could smell the sugar wafting from their bags as they ran by.

As the weather cools, the hydrangea bushes have dried flower heads which are visually interesting. They mix with some plantings that are at their most colorful display when the season starts to usher in cooler weather.

This bush has long and graceful green branches in the summer. Right now it is studded with bright purple berries. It’s a welcome sight come fall.

But it’s  a group of hydrangea that are doing something different this season. They still have fresh blossoms.

These pale-pink blossoms have come out just recently and are fluffy pink clusters right by the fence.

There are a few new blossoms of purple too. The leaves on the purple hydrangea have darkened to an eggplant sort of color as they normally do at this time of year. Yet, there are new blue-lavender blooms.

This part of one of the bushes, poking right through the fence, has a new flower and a blossom that appeared recently. Maybe it’s like when kids do something nice to surprise you.  Don’t ask why. Just enjoy!

Now, we’re fresh from Halloween with the holidays around the bend. Do you have bowls of candy that you’re avoiding dipping your hands in?

Head on over to the new Food section of Parade for some ideas for your Halloween candy.




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