A Whole New World

These have been strange times for sure. The plan is to get herbinkitchen going again here. There is no “new normal” because there is nothing normal about these days. Kids home with remote learning and no proms, graduations in person, dance recitals, concerts, sports or theatre. What is summer looking like for them these days? … Continue reading

Here Comes the Sun!

There is nothing more satisfying and rewarding than watching everything outside come back to life. The daffodils, tulips and flowering trees signal that the warmer weather is on the way. Our outdoor activities are in gear with track and baseball. Last weekend we got the grill set up for another season of cooking on the … Continue reading

Homemade Pizza for Pi Day

March is the month that gardeners start to prepare for the upcoming growing season and there are surprises coming up through the soil. If you start plants and vegetables from seed, now is when you start to prepare those seeds and seed-starter medium indoors so they are ready to roll out to the garden in mid-May. Sedum … Continue reading

The Indoor January Garden

At the end of the growing season we dig up some herbs to bring inside to continue to give us fresh herbs like chives, oregano, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, and basil. The thyme really grew and spread last summer so we divided it and brought a big pot inside. The transition from outside to indoors has … Continue reading

How the Summer Herb Garden Helps Holiday Meals

Where do the weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas go? Hopefully you have gotten the decorations out, thought about holidays gone by and have the chance to continue to meet with friends and family. We dug up some herbs from the garden so that we can cook with them all winter long. Most herbs are sturdy enough to make the … Continue reading

dinner revisted with new starring ingredients

Last night’s dinner took advantage of the herbs that are bursting in the garden. Farfalle is a favorite pasta shape for the guys. We picked some basil leaves, sprigs of thyme and a few chives for our pesto bow-tie pasta. The guys prefer a combination of green herbs to mix with the extra-virgin-olive-oil, cheese and pignolia nuts rather … Continue reading

yes, we like green eggs and ham

The view outside our window hasn’t changed much this winter. It’s headed our way again – more snow! You know you’ve had a long winter of storms when two kids overhear the news on the radio and groan. The indoor growing season, in the house, is what we focus on until we can garden outside again. We tend … Continue reading

see you september

September. The cooler air moves in and the leaves begin their show-stopping parade of color. The first race of the cross-country season was held this weekend. The runners followed the course and the sunshine highlighted the slightly orange canopy of leaves in the park. Little guy is racing this year and found out the course is not as easy … Continue reading