Flip for Eggs and Storage Idea

What is it about an omelet or Eggs Benedict that says weekend? You wouldn’t take the time to make these dishes for yourself during the week because it’s not practical with the amount of time available in the morning.

If you make an omelet or Eggs Benedict for yourself on the weekend you are relaxed, and have the time, or you’re lucky enough to have a seat at a brunch spot.

We eat eggs in our house for breakfast and they pair well with our fresh herbs we grow inside for the winter season.

We love some fresh sprigs of thyme in a batch of creamy scrambled eggs. When the thyme stems are new and tender you don’t have to strip the leaves. It’s the older, woody stems that can’t be used.

When the eggs are poached for Eggs Benedict the chives are the star of the lemony Hollandaise sauce.

Maybe you picked up some organic eggs from your local market only to find you still had a handful of eggs left in the refrigerator. We’ve all done that. Instead of two cartons taking up space reduce it to one container.

Flip the full container upside down and place the remaining eggs in the slots. All the eggs are in the refrigerator and they’re taking up less space than two cartons of eggs.

All your eggs are stored and ready for breakfast dishes or baking. Want ideas for lemon baked treats? Check out my post from Parade’s Community Table.




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