Hot Off the Grill Pizza

Pizza on the grill. It’s a summer tradition for us. Slightly charred pizza dough and sweet tomato sauce with cheese melted on top. We do different kinds of pizza. For those with maybe more grown-up taste we do a pizza with a blend of parmesan and fontina with caramelized onions and tiny thyme leaves. That … Continue reading

for the love of a summer lasagna

Summer weather and lasagna. Maybe these aren’t two things you think of together. But you should. What’s bursting in the garden at this time of year? Juicy tomatoes and herbs. Celebrate the season and the bounty of fresh produce with a lasagna highlighted by a tomato sauce that only gets heat from being in the oven. This … Continue reading

the unbelievable “un-pizza”

George Carlin had this to say about the tomato. “Something has gone afoul inside of a tomato. . ……. It doesn’t look like it’s finished. . . It looks like it’s in the larval stage or something.” The tomato can be a dividing line for people. There are different varieties of tomatoes. They come in … Continue reading