The reality of seasonal ingredients is that when the time comes for your favorite fruit or vegetable to say good-bye they are gone until the next growing season.

Some items have shorter windows than others. This is where your freezer can help extend your enjoyment. It’s a common misconception that frozen foods are inferior to their fresh offerings.

This isn’t the case and the frozen food industry is on a campaign to help change the public’s thoughts on the frozen food aisle.

Frozen food makers are trying to spread the word that fruit and vegetables are frozen at the peak of freshness.

They have been trying to get the word out that freezing food is like pressing the pause button on nature and capturing the essence of the fresh fruits and vegetables at their best.


Corn, berries, peas, and other fruit and vegetables, are all frozen at the exact moment when they are in a premium state. They can be added to soups, stews or omelets at the end of cooking time as they just need to be warmed through or brought to room temperature.


Use this idea to capture and preserve the state of summer by making a berry compote. A compote isn’t quite a jam and you can cook down the berries into a thick mixture that can be stored in the freezer and retrieved at a later date when you want to be reminded of the tastes of summer.

The compote can include lemon juice and zest, or other citrus notes, and herbs from the garden like mint or the perfume of basil.

Boil down the berries and allow to cool. The compote can be put in plastic freezer bags and labeled with the date of storage. Lay the bags flat so that they can be stacked one on top of another.

Play with combinations of flavors. You can do one that is an all strawberry compote or one that is a mix of berries. The whole idea is to use your freezer to hold the season’s flavors and enjoy them when you miss them the most. Think that bowl of berries is magic for you in July?

The happiness you’ll have when you are reminded of these flavors in the cold winter months will make you glad you took the time to make a compote and store it in the freezer.

The combinations of flavors are limitless. Frozen fruit compote helps you remember the berries of summer on a winter day. Frozen is good.

So, there it is. Embrace the frozen produce. And post number one hundred!

See you tomorrow!

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