Get the Cheese on the Grill

The cherries in the market are still in supply. This is the time of year when we play with all sorts of ways to use this fruit.

Last year during the blogathon of 2013 we made cherry bruschetta with goat cheese.

There is something about the tang of goat cheese’s creamy texture and the sweetness of cherries that makes the perfect topping for toasted bread.

When you are looking at your grill and trying to get some inspiration for a dish to prepare cheese might not be the first food to come to mind.

Grill a wheel, or a slice of the wheel, of some brie cheese and the rind gets some straight grill marks. The meltingly soft center reaches the right level of creaminess.

The subtleness of brie goes well with a bit of smoky flavor it gets from briefly resting on the grill.

First, wash and clean your cherries to get them ready for going a round with the cherry pitter. Sliding those pits out of the cherries is a quiet activity for a summer day.

Slice the baguette lengthwise and drizzle with some extra-virgin-olive-oil.

The grill will give the rind of the brie some grill marks and lightly melt the creamy inside. Grill the brie about 45 seconds each side.

While you’re at the grill, also place a baguette, or any loaf of bread you like, on the grill to toast.

Give the pitted cherries a light chop to make some smaller pieces.

Chop some fresh thyme leaves or pull off the leaves and chop. If you have super-fresh thyme from the garden or the farmers’ market you can use the tender stems.

If the thyme is a bit older and the stems are tougher you want to use just the thyme leaves Sprinkle some Kosher salt in the cherry mixture.

We also grow a type of thyme called lemon thyme which adds a bright flavor to the cherry mixture.

Cut a piece of the creamy grilled brie and the toasted baguette.

Place some of the cherry mixture on top. Grilling the brie brings out the subtle flavor and the sweet cherries with thyme make a nice contrast for the crunchy toasted baguette.

Pour a glass of wine and sit outside. Use this combination of grilled brie and cherries to enjoy the taste of summer.

The official first day of summer is tomorrow and so is post number 100 here at the blog! See you tomorrow.

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