Get the Cheese on the Grill

The cherries in the market are still in supply. This is the time of year when we play with all sorts of ways to use this fruit. Last year during the blogathon of 2013 we made cherry bruschetta with goat cheese. There is something about the tang of goat cheese’s creamy texture and the sweetness … Continue reading

cherries and blueberry mini-tarts

The farmers’ market was packed with beautiful fruit lined up in neat rows on this sunny Sunday morning. Yesterday we talked about doing mini-versions of pies and tarts. If you’re not a baker these mini-tarts can be a great way to get you making dessert without sending flour all around your kitchen. These pre-baked shells are made … Continue reading

keeping it real cherry pie filling

Getting cherries ready to use in a recipe requires using a piece of equipment that makes you wonder who was the first person to make it? It’s a handy tool for sure. The cherry pitter. This device slides the pit right out of the middle of the cherry with ease. You can use this kitchen … Continue reading

pork tenderloin part two: cherry salsa

The cherries are ready to be made into a fruity salsa for the pork tenderloin. It’s a colorful topping for the grilled meat with a honey mustard crust. This is the kind of dish you want to plan for leftovers and a great way to work more fruit into your diet. Gorgeous garnet-colored fruit make a salsa that … Continue reading

honey mustard pork tenderloin with cherry salsa

June is the month for cherries. Take advantage of the season and enjoy this fruit now. Cherries can be a topping for ice cream or used as an ingredient in a salad with goat cheese and herbs. One of our favorite uses for cherries is as a  salsa for pork tenderloin. Explore every way you can enjoy them. Today we … Continue reading

a deep freeze when the heat’s on

One week of cherry ideas. What to feature next? Wait and see. From bruschetta to hand pies, the cherry has been fun to work with this week. Here’s one last idea to add to your kitchen’s offerings. Fresh fruit, piled in wooden boxes at the farmers’ market, is the warm weather’s reward to us. As we … Continue reading

let me lend a helping hand pie

No, you can keep it. We chug on with the cherry talk. The plan was for today’s  post to be about making some empanadas. Summer is almost here. Today, we would talk about empanadas with a fruit filling of…well, you know. Something magical happens when you are in synch with someone else. It happened this morning when my email from … Continue reading

completely clafouti

I remember the first time I heard about clafouti. It was in a bistro. A woman at the next table had something that looked like a souffle. I asked the waiter what it was. His reply? He glanced over his shoulder and quickly answered, “Oh that? You’ll love it.” No more information. It was a cherry … Continue reading

life is just a salad bowl of cherries

Remember the wonderful combination of goat cheese and cherries? We’re going to revisit that duo in the form of a salad. A warm goat cheese salad with cherry vinaigrette. Make your salad the main entree for dinner with a few added touches. The cherries are pitted and placed in the blender. Then, they are blended with some extra virgin olive … Continue reading

soup’s on

Cherry soup. Maybe those aren’t two words you think of together. The cherry can carry a completely different flavor as a soup. A cold soup. It’s the perfect dish for a scorching summer night. This cherry soup, a crisp salad, and a rustic loaf of bread, are a menu you should have in your recipe box. Cherry soup is a … Continue reading