honey mustard pork tenderloin with cherry salsa

June is the month for cherries. Take advantage of the season and enjoy this fruit now.

Cherries can be a topping for ice cream or used as an ingredient in a salad with goat cheese and herbs. One of our favorite uses for cherries is as a  salsa for pork tenderloin. Explore every way you can enjoy them.

Today we talk about pork tenderloin as a dinner option. It’s a lean cut of meat and reasonably priced. We can get a tenderloin for under ten dollars and still have some leftovers.

We are going to make a two-part marinade here. First, mix a few generous tablespoons of some Dijon mustard with olive oil and a sprinkle of kosher salt.

Rub this all over the meat. Any meat that is going on the hot grill should be left out of the refrigerator for half an hour to take the chill off the cut of meat.

But where’s the honey in the honey mustard pork tenderloin? You always want to make your own marinade. You control the ingredients and most marinades sitting on the market shelves are loaded with added sugars.

That’s why so many people end up with meat that is charred on the outside and still raw on the inside. The sugar will start to burn before any protein reaches a safe level of cooking on the inside.

Grill the pork about 5 minutes on both sides until done. Then, brush on a layer of honey all over the meat when warm and the flavors will absorb and work with the tangy Dijon mustard.

The honey mustard mixture gives the pork tenderloin a crispy, outer crust when it is cooked on the grill. The inside is cooked through at a medium doneness.

Always allow hot meat just off the grill to rest so the juices can redistribute inside. Otherwise, the first slice lets all the juices flow out.

Now that you are on the road to making a perfectly tender pork tenderloin you have a dinner item that pairs well with any summer fruit. Pork and fruit have a natural affinity for one another.

Stop back tomorrow for the cherry salsa recipe!


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