a better bruschetta

Bruschetta is one of the simple pleasures when dining. Chopped tomatoes, combined with garlic, and olive oil. A few leaves of fresh basil. The bruschetta is actually the grilled bread. The topping of tomatoes and other ingredients has come to be known as bruschetta. This is a variation of bruschetta featuring our food of the moment. More … Continue reading

cheery cherries for dessert

Maybe you don’t think of using your grill for dessert. You should. There are all sorts of irresistible combinations that only get better on the grill. Take a classic combination of pound cake with a fruit compote on top. Perfect for a summer night of outdoor dining. A compote is made when fruit is stewed in a type of … Continue reading

june is busting out all over

There’s your musical theater reference to kick off the month. Do you know what show has that song in the score? (Rogers and Hammerstein’s “Carousel” in case you’re wondering.) Last Saturday we were bundled in the stands watching big brother’s track meet. Today, one week later, it was 93 degrees in the shade of the stands. The month of June … Continue reading