cherries and blueberry mini-tarts

The farmers’ market was packed with beautiful fruit lined up in neat rows on this sunny Sunday morning.

Yesterday we talked about doing mini-versions of pies and tarts. If you’re not a baker these mini-tarts can be a great way to get you making dessert without sending flour all around your kitchen.

These pre-baked shells are made with phyllo dough and give any dessert a flaky texture. The buttery layers of thin dough have been assembled and formed into a cup. They’re just waiting for you to add a filling.

These mini-tart cups can also be used for savory ingredients so you can make bite-sized appetizers that are perfect for holding, with a glass of wine, for a cocktail party appetizer.

Today we are using them to make a no-bake cherry and blueberry filling to make small dessert bites. They will be served after our dinner of thinly sliced steak, with a shallot jam, and grilled romaine and green bean salad for dinner tonight.

The berries get macerated with a little bit of sugar. We like to use what is raw sugar which is made with 100% natural pure cane sugar.

The tiny crystals have a natural molasses taste and have the same sweetness as refined sugar. It’s all natural, has a pure flavor and is considered a gluten-free food.

The cherries we had leftover from the cherry salsa and pork tenderloin from a few posts ago will be joined by the blueberries we picked up this morning.

Who says you can’t combine the fruits that you pick up at the market?

To give the phyllo cups an extra crispiness, place just the cups in the oven at 350F for 3-5 minutes. Allow to cool and then add the macerated fruit. If you want to top with some whip cream be sure and make it fresh.

These fruit tarts deserve it. Pick up some heavy whipping cream at the store. Before you are ready to whip the cream, place a metal bowl and your whisk in the freezer for 15 minutes.

The cream is more stable to whisk to stiff peaks when working with equipment that is cold.

This is an important step in the summer with a warm kitchen. You can sprinkle a little of the raw sugar on top for an added crunch.

As always, take advantage of the mint growing in the garden too and tear a few leaves for your dessert.

See you tomorrow for week three of the blogathon! Happy Father’s Day!

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