Recipe Ideas for Leftover Easter Candy

We did not hide chocolate bunnies for the egg hunt this Easter since there was the added pressure to find them before they had a chance to melt in the 80-something degree weather. What a wild ride the daffodils had in the month of April! When they first burst forth through the soil, for their return … Continue reading

cherries and blueberry mini-tarts

The farmers’ market was packed with beautiful fruit lined up in neat rows on this sunny Sunday morning. Yesterday we talked about doing mini-versions of pies and tarts. If you’re not a baker these mini-tarts can be a great way to get you making dessert without sending flour all around your kitchen. These pre-baked shells are made … Continue reading

jumping into january after a polar vortex

We just finished watching The Polar Express movie from the holidays, when we learned the term “polar vortex,” and how it tightened a frozen grip on the entire country. We went from 6 degrees outside, desperately bundled against the icy air, to almost 60 degrees, in a matter of days. Now it is a pleasant temperature, but it’s … Continue reading

june is busting out all over

There’s your musical theater reference to kick off the month. Do you know what show has that song in the score? (Rogers and Hammerstein’s “Carousel” in case you’re wondering.) Last Saturday we were bundled in the stands watching big brother’s track meet. Today, one week later, it was 93 degrees in the shade of the stands. The month of June … Continue reading