Recipe Ideas for Leftover Easter Candy

We did not hide chocolate bunnies for the egg hunt this Easter since there was the added pressure to find them before they had a chance to melt in the 80-something degree weather.

What a wild ride the daffodils had in the month of April! When they first burst forth through the soil, for their return in the garden, they were covered in a layer of snow. Eventually they got to bloom in a sunny day or two.


By the time Easter rolled around, the temperature was above 80 degrees when the kids were hunting for eggs in the bushes and trees. April can sure fluctuate with the temperature and our hopes that warm weather is here to stay.

20170410_140503 (1)

We’ve had more chilly days than sunny days as we look back on April. Yesterday was a trip up the thermometer again for a taste of summer complete with a baseball game and hot dogs.


A bonus for a sultry afternoon when the lilac tree and hyacinths are blooming? The fragrance is intensified and carried through the warm breeze. Cooler temperatures don’t bring this added way of enjoying these flowers.


Many of the other perennials are filling in the gaps and starting to change the landscape. It’s such an energy-filled time of year as there is something new to see and observe every day.


Was the Easter bunny generous with your baskets of candy this year? If you find yourself with a large supply of leftover candy there are ways to use it up with some creative recipe ideas.


Peeps can make use of their fluffy texture and help you create favorite desserts like S’mores or they can be used as toppings for spring-season cupcakes. Jelly beans can brighten batter for cookies or cupcakes for rainbow-colored treats that are easy to make so kids can help make them in your kitchen.


Have an ice cream party and set up a toppings bar with sprinkles, shaved coconut and broken bits of chocolate from leftover bunnies. Gather leftover chocolate bunnies and melt them down gently in a saucepan to spoon as a hot sauce for chilled scoops of the kids’ favorite ice cream.


We did our annual Eggs Benedict Easter brunch with poached eggs and Canadian bacon on toasted English mushrooms with Hollandaise sauce. One of the first spring herbs to return are the chives and they are chopped and scattered on our brunch dishes.


Read all about how that leftover Easter candy can be used to make desserts the whole family will enjoy in my latest post over in the Food section at Parade.





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