Making a Memorable Burger!

The rain was falling just as we were getting ready to leave to join our school at the start of the parade route for the annual Memorial Day parade down the main avenue of the neighborhood.


Once we met our group, the raindrops stopped and we were happy to close our huge umbrella and carry it behind the elementary school marching band. The brass instruments pierced the air with the sounds of Yankee Doodle and the drums pounded away as everyone walked behind the school banner.

IMG_20130820_195613 (1)

After we marched to honor those who fought for our freedom, everyone wanted hamburgers and fries. They had worked up an appetite but the cover on the grill had pools of water in the crevices of the cover. Not the inspiration to get outside and start grilling!


We decided it wouldn’t be the official kick-off to summer without burgers cooked outside on the grill. Maybe the weather conditions weren’t ideal. It didn’t matter. We went ahead as planned and got the most important ingredient for the chef at the grill ready to make dinner!


We’re looking at you, Mike!

We like to assemble our burgers and pop them in the freezer for a bit. This keeps them from falling apart when they hit the hot grill grates which have been brushed with a light coating of cooking oil.


Once the burgers have achieved a nice char on the outside, they get placed on the other side of the grill where a cooler zone is set up with no direct flame underneath. Place a sheet of aluminum foil for the burgers for easy clean up and to catch the drippings as they are topped with thin slices of cheese.


Split the hamburger rolls and lightly toast the insides face down on the grill. This is not the time to walk away! The rolls will toast quickly.


When the burgers come off the grill, take the toasted hamburger rolls and dip in the drippings of the burgers for a little more flavor before putting the burgers in the rolls to serve.


For more burger ideas take a look at my most recent post in the Food section over at Parade.

Grilling season has arrived!


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