jumping into january after a polar vortex

We just finished watching The Polar Express movie from the holidays, when we learned the term “polar vortex,” and how it tightened a frozen grip on the entire country.

We went from 6 degrees outside, desperately bundled against the icy air, to almost 60 degrees, in a matter of days. Now it is a pleasant temperature, but it’s gray and rainy. The fog rolled in, and the ships that pass in the harbor at the end of the street, are sounding the boom of their horns.

Today’s photos from around last season’s garden are a reminder of what’s to come. The seed catalogues will start to arrive in the mailbox, and that means time for a cup of tea, and future garden plans.

The decorations have been put away in the attic, and we shoved the tree out the window, as our annual tradition. This year’s Douglas fir slid nicely out the living room window.

The guys yell “Good-bye tree!” as the tree disappears out the window. Window closed. Very cathartic. We’ll cut the branches and use them for mulch in the garden.

The guys always think our tree-out-the-window tradition is fun, and then, they are nowhere to be seen as the rest of the clean-up needs to be done. Once again it will be pointed out that they can’t wait to tear open the carefully packed decorations — but putting them away is a completely different story.

There is something about going back to school in January that hits all of us hard. One morning it was so dark the guys asked why they were getting up in the middle of the night.  Back to the routine of school, homework, meetings and schedules.

Do you find yourself with a lot of leftover candy canes from your holiday season? Head over to Parade Food for ideas on how to use them up. Fun for the kids, and cocktails for the adults, with the recipe for candy cane vodka.




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