graduation meditation

We knew this time was coming. Yet, it doesn’t seem real. My “2002 baby” graduated from elementary school this morning.

We went to a local restaurant to celebrate and that carried over to a friend’s house. It’s times like these that remind us it doesn’t have to be a lavish spread to celebrate a milestone in life. We had some local restaurant food, and ended up at our neighbors’ house, where the kids played, ate the pizzas we ordered, and caught fireflies when it got dark. Simple pleasures.

Our school outgrew the building several years ago for graduation. The graduation was on the same grounds where my fifth-grader went to pre-school. A beautiful park setting. It feels like our journey came full circle today.

Pizza, chips, swimming in a pool, and some sangria, seemed to be the most perfect buffet life could offer us all on this graduation day.

Congratulations to all the June graduates everywhere.

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