September Slides into View

It’s hotter today, on the first of September, than it was on any given day in the month of August. Go figure. This summer we took our annual cruise up the East River for bird watching with the New York City Audubon. It was a beautiful evening and we watched the sun set behind the UN … Continue reading

it’s an absolutely beautiful day!

“It’s absolutely a beautiful day out there right now.” That’s what the New York City school chancellor said to parents and school staff about the weather conditions late yesterday morning at a press conference. The storm was at the peak of the heaviest snowfall when the early morning commute should be in full swing. Yet … Continue reading

not from concentrate

Thank goodness the guys got a computer for Christmas. If it weren’t for their computer, our run with the blogathon would have crashed and burned today. The computer, which occasionally frustrates, exactly at the times it needs to be the most cooperative, strikes again. Where were we? Strawberries. There are so many dessert options for strawberries. … Continue reading

cheery cherries for dessert

Maybe you don’t think of using your grill for dessert. You should. There are all sorts of irresistible combinations that only get better on the grill. Take a classic combination of pound cake with a fruit compote on top. Perfect for a summer night of outdoor dining. A compote is made when fruit is stewed in a type of … Continue reading