what’s in a reduction?

So, here’s the riff on yesterday’s recipe for macerated strawberries. If you were sitting in an elegant restaurant reading the menu by candlelight and it said one of the dessert items was a plate of fresh strawberries with a balsamic reduction you would be intrigued. Here’s the thing to keep in mind. Those restaurant menu … Continue reading

life is just a salad bowl of cherries

Remember the wonderful combination of goat cheese and cherries? We’re going to revisit that duo in the form of a salad. A warm goat cheese salad with cherry vinaigrette. Make your salad the main entree for dinner with a few added touches. The cherries are pitted and placed in the blender. Then, they are blended with some extra virgin olive … Continue reading

a better bruschetta

Bruschetta is one of the simple pleasures when dining. Chopped tomatoes, combined with garlic, and olive oil. A few leaves of fresh basil. The bruschetta is actually the grilled bread. The topping of tomatoes and other ingredients has come to be known as bruschetta. This is a variation of bruschetta featuring our food of the moment. More … Continue reading