mommy’s turn

There was an incident some weeks ago with some bacon grease and the coils in the oven. It was one of those school nights when I was trying to do homework and make a nice dinner at the same time. It seemed the very moment I realized the bacon slices were not in the right pan … Continue reading

you say potato

 “The star is crooked,” said my little guy. With all the holiday wonder I was trying to create, this is what he focused on? The star on the tree, slightly leaning to the left? School was out and we were getting the house finished for the holiday. I turned to one of my reliable potato dishes. … Continue reading

oh, christmas cookie

The tree is up — so my boys want their Christmas cookies. We cut the tree down at a Christmas tree farm. You can take a hay ride while they secure the tree to the top of the car. I have a recipe for sugar cookies I use every year. It is a combination of butter, sugar, vanilla, … Continue reading

giving thanks

The house had the aroma of Thanksgiving. Turkey stock, with parsley and peppercorns, and onions and garlic. Gravy bubbled in a saucepan. I cooked twenty turkey cutlets, insted of a whole bird, with shallots and two big bags of baby carrots with butter, thyme, and honey. I cut loaves of bread into cubes and toasted them. They absorbed … Continue reading