organic strawberry fields now and forever

Strawberries are in season and we have discussed some different ways to use every last inch of them for refreshment in cool drinks for the warm weather season. Follow the instructions in the previous posts and you’re armed with refreshing drink ideas for you as well as the kids this summer. Any recipe that can … Continue reading

strawberry bowls forever

The very trait of organic berries we value is that there are no pesticides. Yet, that is the very reason you’re in such a race to use them. They’re highly perishable and meant to be consumed quickly.  What if you were tempted by that overflowing basket of June strawberries? Now, you’re overwhelmed with how fast they need to be … Continue reading

a deep freeze when the heat’s on

One week of cherry ideas. What to feature next? Wait and see. From bruschetta to hand pies, the cherry has been fun to work with this week. Here’s one last idea to add to your kitchen’s offerings. Fresh fruit, piled in wooden boxes at the farmers’ market, is the warm weather’s reward to us. As we … Continue reading