5 Ideas for Vinaigrettes

One of the great pleasures of the summer season is dining outside. The meal is relaxing and who cares if anything drops on the floor. Well really, that’s for the dog to take care of inside and outside. Don’t feed him from the table, but anything that drops to the floor, or flies from your … Continue reading

School’s Out for Summer

Not much to share today since a second-grader and a sixth-grader have closed out their careers. The end of June is a whirlwind of activity, and wrapping things up and finishing projects. To celebrate, we are heading out to a favorite restaurant to have dinner. We’ll pick up the discussion tomorrow where we left off about salads … Continue reading

perfectly pleasing panzanella

Panzanella is a simple bread and tomato salad using stale bread. It’s a great addition to a summer menu, as it can sit at room temperature, at a barbecue or backyard party. The idea is to use tomatoes, onions, and really, any other ingredients you like, to make a salad where the stale bread soaks … Continue reading

life is just a salad bowl of cherries

Remember the wonderful combination of goat cheese and cherries? We’re going to revisit that duo in the form of a salad. A warm goat cheese salad with cherry vinaigrette. Make your salad the main entree for dinner with a few added touches. The cherries are pitted and placed in the blender. Then, they are blended with some extra virgin olive … Continue reading