snow drifts and soup bowls

This winter is certainly reminding us what we have forgotten about the months between December and whenever spring shows up. The snow that was predicted for an afternoon debut showed up by early morning. The day was dark, and the snow started to fill corners around the house, as it blew around. The quiet yielded only the … Continue reading

from the pumpkin patch to the soup bowl

The leaves are turning golden and dropping to the ground. Pumpkins and mums line the front steps of homes in our neighborhood. We picked up some pumpkins and flowers this weekend along with a bale of hay that sits by the front door to usher in the fall season. Some of the mums you buy at stands in … Continue reading

spice is nice, but that is not

There’s a rule in our house. When trying new foods, if the guys don’t like something (and thankfully, that’s not often) they have to give a reason for not finding pleasure in the food. They’ve offered up everything from “It’s too spicy!” to “I can hear the crunching in my head!” These are not comments … Continue reading

soup’s on

Cherry soup. Maybe those aren’t two words you think of together. The cherry can carry a completely different flavor as a soup. A cold soup. It’s the perfect dish for a scorching summer night. This cherry soup, a crisp salad, and a rustic loaf of bread, are a menu you should have in your recipe box. Cherry soup is a … Continue reading