5 Ideas for Vinaigrettes

One of the great pleasures of the summer season is dining outside. The meal is relaxing and who cares if anything drops on the floor. Well really, that’s for the dog to take care of inside and outside. Don’t feed him from the table, but anything that drops to the floor, or flies from your … Continue reading

Dressing Up Your Salad

Yesterday we talked about salad dressings and how much hidden sugar there is in those bottles lining the shelves of the market. With a few simple steps you can be mixing up your own vinaigrette to toss your salad greens in your bowl. Follow the easy steps to make a basic vinaigrette to keep your … Continue reading

Easy-to-Make Vinaigrettes

There are some decent salad dressings available in stores. Look at the labels and read the list of ingredients carefully. There is so much added sugar. According to many nutritionists making salads is one area where someone can be unknowingly sabotaging their healthy eating habits. If you’re having a salad that means you are eating healthy. … Continue reading

life is just a salad bowl of cherries

Remember the wonderful combination of goat cheese and cherries? We’re going to revisit that duo in the form of a salad. A warm goat cheese salad with cherry vinaigrette. Make your salad the main entree for dinner with a few added touches. The cherries are pitted and placed in the blender. Then, they are blended with some extra virgin olive … Continue reading