The Outdoor Dining Season is Officially Here!

Have you been taking advantage of the strawberries in the market? They are bursting with flavor and ready to use in recipes like a light salad with goat cheese, or as a dessert, with a simple syrup and a few torn mint leaves.

You can take a look here in my post at Parade and get ideas for dining at the table outside now that al fresco dining is here.

Don’t wash strawberries in advance and store in the refrigerator. This creates an environment for bacteria and will result in moldy fruit.


Wait until you’re ready to use the strawberries for a recipe and give them a soak in a water and vinegar mixture for about two minutes. Remove the berries with a strainer and allow to dry on paper towels. Read more about this method over at NPR.

Get your grill ready for making meals with a few easy steps. The best time to scrape down the grates of the grill is right before you put food on the grill when the surface is super-hot. Scrape again when the last piece of food comes off the grill.

IMG_20140616_174034 (1)

Meat and vegetables can be enhanced with flavor from a marinade or barbecue sauce. There are jars of these available at the store but they are generally high in sugar content. You can easily make your own barbecue sauce to brush on the food on the grill. Take a look at my post at Parade on the topic and you can make delicious meals all season long.


Read the following post to get your grill ready for outdoor cooking or get started choosing a grill if it is your first purchase. There are tips to help you make a selection for the kind of grill that would suit your lifestyle.


Get to the farmers’ market or plant some fruits and vegetables that you can use in recipes as the summer season starts to bring relaxed days of outdoor dining our way.

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