compound butters add layers of flavor

Compound butters are a delicious addition to your menu ideas all year long. The butter flecked with bits of cinnamon and flakes of brown sugar that make your waffles taste even better on a cold winter morning can also be the dab of delicious for your summer corn laced with the kick of ancho chile powder, … Continue reading

everything’s better with butter

Some friends were sharing how they drive some distance to a big box store for an item they love. What were they making this trip for? A specialty butter. One liked a butter with herbs. The other woman liked a sweet version her kids love on pancakes. They were also spending an unbeleivable amount of money for this butter … Continue reading

a little pie for dessert

Still riding the cherry wave.  Turns out I forgot about the mini cherry pies the guys like. This idea came about when I was making a pie crust one day. My older guy said he was only in the mood for “a little pie.” So, I surprised him at dinner with a little pie. Literally. … Continue reading