everything’s better with butter

Some friends were sharing how they drive some distance to a big box store for an item they love. What were they making this trip for? A specialty butter. One liked a butter with herbs. The other woman liked a sweet version her kids love on pancakes. They were also spending an unbeleivable amount of money for this butter as well.

You don’t have to pay high prices for items like a specialty butter. Make your own and play with ingredients. Here’s your version. A compound butter is a butter with added ingredients. If you can leave a stick of butter out on the kitchen counter for a few hours — you can make a compound butter.

The butter can be sweet for desserts or French toast. It can be savory with garlic and herbs. It is perfect to top a steak when it comes off the grill. The butter melts on the steak for a bit of sauce. That same butter can make your weeknight noodles go from plain, to full of flavor, in seconds.

Here are two versions you can make for your family. Allow butter to come to room temperature. Remove from wrapper and place in a bowl. Chop a handful of chives. Smash and chop 1 garlic bulb. Use Kosher salt and grind into a paste. Add to your bowl. Mix ingredients and press down on the butter with the back of a fork.

Place on some parchment paper in a line and wrap the butter in the shape of a log. Use your hands to shape. Twist the ends of the parchment paper at both ends. Return to the refrigerator to chill and firm up.

This savory butter can top a steak or a split baked potato. Drop in a pot of noodles. The heat from the noodles will melt the butter. This will distribute the herbs and coat every one of the noodles.

Here’s your sweet version of compound butter. It can be used with your desserts or breakfast items. Or, try it on grilled pork chops.

Follow the same steps for leaving a stick of butter out to come to room temperature. Zest an orange to get the oils in the skin that are bursting with citrus flavor. Add some chopped mint leaves. Drizzle some honey and mix it all together.

Or you can do a compound butter with cinnamon and sugar. That’s the butter that sparked the original conversation. Experiment with different herbs and flavors. See what your family likes.

Here comes the weekend and more ideas.

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