Pesto: It’s Easy Being Green and a Summer Update from Parade

Can it really be the halfway point of summer? We are trying to hit all the items on our checklist of things to do for summer vacation. Trips to the zoo, the beach, ice cream from the ice cream man when he stops by after dinner and the days of outdoor camp. It has been a … Continue reading

5 Ideas for Vinaigrettes

One of the great pleasures of the summer season is dining outside. The meal is relaxing and who cares if anything drops on the floor. Well really, that’s for the dog to take care of inside and outside. Don’t feed him from the table, but anything that drops to the floor, or flies from your … Continue reading

everything’s better with butter

Some friends were sharing how they drive some distance to a big box store for an item they love. What were they making this trip for? A specialty butter. One liked a butter with herbs. The other woman liked a sweet version her kids love on pancakes. They were also spending an unbeleivable amount of money for this butter … Continue reading

chimichurri in a hurry

Another busy weekend. My older guy ran for the track team and did his first 800 meter for the season. That probably had something to do with him asking for steak for dinner. The botanical garden, in the neighborhood, was having their annual plant sale. The guys wanted to “surprise” me for Mother’s Day. When it’s plant … Continue reading