4th of July Juicy Burgers and a Red, White and Blue Dessert

Here come the flags and fireworks! The 4th of July, with orchestras playing and splashes of explosive fireworks, is arriving this week. We like to do the traditional route of burgers and hot dogs on the grill. This year the menu will include a lemon cole slaw and a potato salad with shallots, vinegar and herbs. We’ll … Continue reading

making strawberries even juicier!

Strawberries, at their peak of ripeness, are naturally juicy. They are a perfect match for some thick whipped cream or buttery pound cake. Macerated strawberries are another way to serve the ruby-red fruits from the farmers’ market. It sounds like it might be complicated to prepare macerated berries. It’s not. As a matter of fact, it requires … Continue reading

organic strawberry fields now and forever

Strawberries are in season and we have discussed some different ways to use every last inch of them for refreshment in cool drinks for the warm weather season. Follow the instructions in the previous posts and you’re armed with refreshing drink ideas for you as well as the kids this summer. Any recipe that can … Continue reading

strawberry water meet agua fresca

We talked about using the leftover strawberry tips to make strawberry water yesterday. It is a refreshing drink in a super-chilled glass on a hot day. The idea is to infuse the water with the gentle strawberry flavor much like the cucumber water that is served in restaurants or at the spa. The strawberry slices should steep in the … Continue reading

the sweet taste of strawberry water

The warmer days ahead mean that we need a strategy for staying hydrated this summer. The best source for this goal is water. But there are times when you want to shake things up and one idea is to make some strawberry water. This is a refreshing drink that we stumbled upon as an accident. How many good drinks … Continue reading

master the macerated berries

The berry season is in full swing. The guys like their berries many ways. A dollop of fresh, whipped cream here. A splash of  just-squeezed orange juice there. We scored some chocolate mint for the season. For some weird reason, the last two growing seasons, the chocolate mint in the garden came back, but without the … Continue reading

not from concentrate

Thank goodness the guys got a computer for Christmas. If it weren’t for their computer, our run with the blogathon would have crashed and burned today. The computer, which occasionally frustrates, exactly at the times it needs to be the most cooperative, strikes again. Where were we? Strawberries. There are so many dessert options for strawberries. … Continue reading

strawberry bowls forever

The very trait of organic berries we value is that there are no pesticides. Yet, that is the very reason you’re in such a race to use them. They’re highly perishable and meant to be consumed quickly.  What if you were tempted by that overflowing basket of June strawberries? Now, you’re overwhelmed with how fast they need to be … Continue reading