the sweet taste of strawberry water

The warmer days ahead mean that we need a strategy for staying hydrated this summer. The best source for this goal is water. But there are times when you want to shake things up and one idea is to make some strawberry water.

This is a refreshing drink that we stumbled upon as an accident. How many good drinks and dishes came to be as a result from a happy accident? Think chocolate molten cake.

Strawberries are available in several varieties. Many of the strawberry baskets showing up now at farmers’ markets contain June-bearing berries where they make a glorious appearance for the month of June and then they are done.

There are also strawberries that will continue to grow all summer long.

Commercial grown strawberries have to be thoroughly cleaned. Strawberries are one item worth spending a little extra money for the organic. Even better for you and your family?

Grow your own. Most berries are fairly easy to grow and just need you to stay on a good watering schedule when the temperatures soar.

We had picked a number of strawberries on a very hot day and prepared them outside for dessert. A quick rinse in the hose and we sheared off the tops.

Since we were outside in the hot weather the sliced ends of the strawberries gave off an intense perfume.  Why let the compost bin get these strawberry tips and their heady scent?

We put the strawberry tops in a pitcher along with a sprig of mint from the garden. Then we added cold water to the pitcher and let the strawberry tips bob around in the water for about 24 hours.

What we had as a result of the stay in the refrigerator was a refreshing drink of strawberry-infused water with a hint of mint flavor.

You can play with all different flavor combinations. Sometimes we mix the strawberry water with lemonade or substitute basil leaves for the mint leaves.

Try it with lemon or lime. Use the fresh citrus juice or combine with the zest to get a more concentrated lemon or lime flavor.

This recipe is a great way to use up every inch of the strawberry and gives the family something other than plain water as a choice for a cold and refreshing drink on a hot day. So easy and so tasty!

Here comes the weekend!

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