the incredible, edible egg from a few blocks away

Sunny-side up. Does anything sound happier for breakfast? My guys know, if there is something like a big test in class that day, it calls for a really good breakfast. They usually order eggs and bacon. They are convinced this is the breakfast that helps ace a test.

We are lucky our friends have chickens. I think at last count they numbered thirty-something. There is nothing like fresh eggs from a chicken several blocks away. I make it a point to buy organic eggs from a New York State farm where the chickens are grain-fed and free of cages. But, when we get eggs from our friends’ chickens it is a treat. 

I am teaching my older boy to make an egg sunny side-up. This is the method we use. He is practicing being able to recognize when the oil has a shimmer to it in the pan. And he is getting better at cracking an egg on the counter. The fresh eggs have a thinner shell and there is a certain feel to cracking the egg. The yolk of a fresh egg is an entirely different color. It is a bright, golden circle.

The first time I made potato salad with fresh eggs it completely changed the color of the dish. The entire bowl of potato salad took on a sunflower-petal-colored hue. They also make the perfect deviled egg. There are just a few ingredients in a deviled egg. The taste of the yolks are highlighted with some good mayonnaise, a dash of mustard, and a dusting of paprika.

The technique for the sunny side-up egg is coming together for my older guy. When the oil has been heated, he cracks the egg into the pan and rotates the pan slightly. This increases the surface area of the egg white. Carefully, he spoons the oil over the white part of the egg until it is no longer translucent. Then, the oil is pooled over the yolk. He is starting to understand the point where the yolk will stay runny. Or, you can keep going for a firm yolk.

Their taste runs toward an egg with a sprinkle of Kosher salt and some fresh herbs. The little guy gets the scissors and snips some herbs. They have decided they like their eggs with some regular chives. Sometimes, they go for the onion chives. They also like some sprigs of thyme.

A glass of organic apple juice, a sunny side-up egg and smoked bacon, makes the perfect breakfast for test day. The breakfast of champions.

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