corny april treats

Play ball! As April is known to do, it teases us with warm weather one moment, and then changes in an instant. My guys get tired of the “Do-I-need-a-jacket-today?” morning check-ins.

April means it’s time to get the fishing gear out. The guys like to head off to some of the local ponds and see what they can catch. And release.

It’s also the time of year to kick off the beginning of baseball season at our local little league. My grill in the backyard is exactly a block away from the fields. One of my favorite sounds of spring and summer happen when I am at the grill. A Mike’s Hard Lemonade sits on the ledge as I make dinner. Ping! You can hear when a batter sends a great hit to the outfield. The roar of the crowd explodes.

My guys wanted hamburgers and French fries with the aioli dipping sauce they crave. I can make this dinner on the grill in any season.

They had a specific request though, for Mexican corn. April isn’t the best time for corn. But then again, when corn is at its sweet peak in the summer, is when we like corn with the faintest bit of good, creamy butter. Nothing else.

I did find some corn at the market. It’s not going to be like what I can get in the summer months. So, maybe this is the perfect time to make Mexican corn since it gets covered with a layer of flavors.

The method is simple. In a bowl, combine mayonnaise, sour cream, a mix of cheese, like Pecorino Romano and Asiago, and a dash of kosher salt and chili powder. The corn gets shucked. The husks are left on to act as a handle to turn the corn on the grill.

I like to lightly coat the corn with a thin layer of extra virgin olive oil. The oil gets a small amount of honey. It adds a sweet note and helps caramelize the natural sugars in the corn.

The corn chars quickly. This is not something to put on the grill and walk away. This is when Mike’s Hard Lemonade is at its best. Take a sip, rotate corn, continue.

When the corn is still warm, brush the mayo, sour cream, and cheese mixture on the ears of corn. Squeeze  lime wedges over the corn and sprinkle with chopped cilantro or chives. 

The natural sugars of the corn, with a little pucker-punch of the lime juice, is enhanced by some saltiness from the cheese.

Cue the roar of the crowd.

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