July is Flying By

It’s the end of July and summer is slowly slipping by. The Shasta daisies have stood tall and are now getting ready to give way to the August showing of flowers.


Grilling time is turning out the burgers and hot dogs that are a symbol of the summer dining experience. There is nothing like the air filled with what is sizzling on the grill during the warm-weather season.


We planted some leftover plants from extra trays that we got this spring and they are doing so well in their space at the edge of the dining patio where we are enjoying our summer meals. The buds and flowers are bright and plentiful around our dining area.



The flowers are in bloom and create a lovely border where we sit and have meals.

If you want some tips on how to grill the best hamburgers for your family check out my post at Parade about turning out the most delicious hamburgers for your summer dinner.


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