Good-Bye 2016 and a Surprise Ingredient for Hot Chocolate!

Many people are saying they can’t wait for 2016 to play the exit music and be gone.


We had a good year with some happy surprises along the way.

After much discussion about having the centerpiece of our holiday meal be something other than ham — we ended up putting a honey baked ham on the menu for dinner after all.


It’s tradition. Maybe we counted on our traditions a little bit more than usual this holiday season for stability and peace.

IMG_20151228_211201 (1)

We’ll see what kind of winter we will get in the new year. We got a snow storm last winter like we hadn’t seen in years with changing snow drifts until it ended.


A big snowfall can be a chance to slow down, watch a movie or play a board game. As long as you are where you want to be, and have enough food and drink in the house, a winter storm can be fun.


The effort you have to make with the shovel when the snow stops falling is when the work begins!

Try the recipe with a surprise ingredient that has adults enjoying a mug of hot chocolate in a whole new taste experience these days. Read all about it in my latest post over in the food section at Parade this week. Find the link below.


You don’t have to wait for some snow outside to try this version of hot chocolate. It will make winter that much better all season long!

Happy New Year!



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