BobbyFlay, Rachael Ray and the End of September

Time to decide that the summer season is over.


After a cool end to the month of August, and a blast of heat in late September when we were back in school, we can say that even though it seemed a little off balance it is time to move on. This week brought us summer-like heat as the pumpkins were on display at the market.


Here are two of my recent posts from the food section over at Parade that you can take a look at for some recipe ideas.


It was a productive growing season for the herbs this summer. The rosemary that hung out in a window box was really happy with that location. It got intense afternoon sun and the fresh sprigs tossed on chicken or pork on the grill infused flavor for many outdoor meals on the patio.


Tomorrow we welcome October and all that is yet to come with fallen leaves, apples and pumpkins, and meals that reflect the change in season.

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