a better backyard burger

Just in time for the summer finale of fireworks we share some burger tips. Labor Day weekend means spending time outside and enjoying some summer salads and grilled food. Follow these tips to make the juiciest burger your grill can turn out.

First, start with the meat. A combination of fatty meat and lean gives you a good texture for a moist burger. This combination will help you achieve a burger that won’t dry out while cooking.

Avoid taking the meat out of the refrigerator, forming patties, and going straight to the grill. You want the meat to be room temperature. Take the hamburger meat out of the refrigerator a half hour before grilling. Season the meat and form patties. Allow the patties to come to room temperature covered in plastic wrap in a baking dish on the counter.

How do you season your burgers? Go with the proven science of the kitchen at America’s Test Kitchen. Flavor your meat with a few teaspoons of soy sauce and Worcesteshire sauce. It deepens the meaty flavor. Add some garlic and onion powder and Kosher salt.


When you prepare your patties, make an indent in the top of the patty. The meat will expand when cooked and this will keep a nice even layer. Caramelization is key to a good burger. It gives the outside of the burger a bit of a crust. You can pick up one of these griddles, seen below, at any cooking appliance store.

Pre-heat on the grill over the flames for a few minutes. When the burgers hit the grill they immediately start to take on a nice sear.

DON’T press down on the burger with a spatula. People, with aprons, in smiling barbecue commercials are doing it. But, they’re pressing all the juices out of the burger. This is the number one reason you will end up with a disappointing and dry burger.

After the burgers have cooked several minutes on each side add slices of cheese for those having cheeseburgers.

The perfect ingredient for a juicy burger isn’t in a jar or a bottle. What is it?

Water.  Splash a little water on the grill near the burgers. This will send up a cloud of steam. Quickly, close the lid and trap that steam inside with the burgers. Finish for another minute. Remove from grill and allow the burgers to rest.

Also, consider stepping out of the bland hamburger roll routine. Lightly toast some English muffins. Better yet, grab some brioche rolls. Their rich, buttery flavor is the perfect companion for your juicy backyard burger.

Check in tomorrow for a big announcement from the blog!

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