the candy at the bottom of the basket

April showers are making sure they leave their mark on the last day of the month with some relentless rain. Hear that May flowers? You better make one heck of a show for us.

Take a look at this pot of basil from last summer. There’s nothing better than cooking with fresh ingredients. The pot sits next to the grill all summer. Reach down, grab some leaves, and scatter on the pizza or the grilled vegetables.

On a day like today, as the rain falls and the temperature is unusually cool, let your thoughts wander to the vegetables and flowers that will be at the farmers’ markets this weekend. Soon the lilacs will begin to bloom and the herbs and vegetables of spring and summer will be worked into our dishes.

My guys know a healthy vegetable for dinner is what came off the vine a few minutes ago or from our favorite farmers at the market when it’s in season.

Think about the zucchini which first gives us delicate blossoms, that can be harvested in the morning, and stuffed and battered for dinner outside on the patio. The zucchini itself softens on the grill,  drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil, and tossed with basil leaves.

We’re back in state-test-gear again. This go-around the number two pencils left the house in the sixth-grader’s backpack ready to answer math questions. The menu requests have come in and he chose eggs and bacon for his power breakfast this morning.

This weekend we will plant the strawberry pots with two kinds of strawberries. June-bearing strawberries and the larger variety, that will bloom all summer long.

You’re inside on a rainy day and what is predicted to be a wet and windy night. Go through your Easter basket and check out my Parade post for what to do with leftover candy.

The first day of state math tests will be done at some point today. Fingers crossed. Then he will head to his strings class, where his teacher has been doing Beatles songs with her students, turning my guy into the world’s newest Beatles fan.

The songwriting of Lennon and Mc Cartney from 50 years ago can reach out and hook a 12-year-old today. The string students are getting ready for their concert in a few weeks. His class will be playing “Here Comes the Sun.”



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